Fonticulus Fides

Thursday, July 31, 2003

With oral antihistimine (and prayer, too, probably), Zooey's swollen cheek is almost completely back to normal, and his eye is it's regular, beautiful shape again. There's still a little puffiness and discoloring, but we imagine he'll be his usual attractive self by his birthday party this Sunday. It looked so awful on Monday, we're all greatly relieved to see him return to normal.

Both my kids have beautiful eyes. Baby E has my husband's eyes -- large and round with thick, sooty lashes that curl just beautifully. Her eyes are still a striking blue, but we imagine that will change. Because in our family, we have hazel eyes and hazel can take a long time to develop. Zooey's were blue like that at a year and maybe even two, but they've muted back to a lovely blue-grey-green hazel that alters with the color of his shirt or surroundings. Kaleidoscope eyes. My husband's eyes are a different kind of hazel -- olivey green. So we'll see how the baby's eyes turn out in the next couple of years.

Well, I'm obviously dwelling too much on the mundane, so I'll sign off for now.



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