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Monday, January 05, 2004

No, the baby didn't come early...

Thank goodness-- I'm still not ready. Just have had a lot going on with holidays & all.

Our furnace quit last night & it's 2 below today. So I've got Zooey at school & Edyn staying with friends until we can get it fixed. If you have a mind to, we'd appreciate prayer for the money to pay for a repair job. We had the furnace fixed last winter to the tune of $325, and while we technically have a bit more than that in the bank, our savings have been ear-marked to pay for doctor/hospital bills when the baby arrives in a couple of weeks. Plus my husband is about to take a pay-cut when he switches jobs in 2 weeks, so we're going to be less able to scrape up the cash to make up the difference.

Did I forget to blog that he decided to take the store management job after all, even though it's a bit less money? Lots of advantages to it that outweighed the paycut, so we decided to "trust God and go for it" as some would say.

Of course, that's before the furnace quit. Ah, well, it's still probably the best choice.



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