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Thursday, October 14, 2004

As long as I need to lighten up...

I'm going to play the Name Your Three game that MamaT over at Summa Mamas is playing. Here goes:

1. Pet Peeves: People who feign listening, casual use of foul language in public (i.e., not the thing that pops out of your mouth when you stub your toe, but the every-other-word habit), endless voice mail loops when I want to talk to a customer service representative.

2. Favorite sounds: Any of my kids laughing (I make it a point to hear each one of them laugh at least once a day...often means tickling them), my husband's voice, hymns sung at noon Mass on Holy Days in our downtown parish, because it's packed to the rafters with all the downtown workers and everybody sings at the top of their lungs, so that the whole place seems to vibrate with adoration for our Lord.

3. Biggest fears: Angering God, house fires, child molestors.

4. Biggest challenges: Getting everything done in a day, keeping my focus on the Lord instead of on myself, patience.

5. Department stores: I don't have a favorite. I only shop at department stores when its an absolute necessity, or if something is drastically reduced and better fits our budget. I'd rather shop at neighborhood shops and specialty stores.

6. Most used words: actually, I and stop (that last one is the peril of having a toddler in the house).

7. Pizza toppings: fresh tomato, fresh mushrooms (not canned) and spinach. Italian sausage runs a close fourth.

8. Cartoon characters: the Pink Panther (before he started hawking insulation), Foghorn Leghorn (remember him?) and Tweety Bird.

9. Movies recently watched: I can't remember. Um...I'm pretty sure I watched most of The Wizard of Oz with Zooey when it was on TV last November. And I always watch It's a Wonderful Life at least once at Christmas time. I think I might have watched the BBC video of Emma while I was recovering from Lola's birth last January, but I'm not sure I saw the whole thing.

10. Fruits and veggies: strawberries, snow peas and peaches if I had to pick, but honestly, I've never met a fruit I didn't like, and the only veggies I pass on are cauliflower and brussle sprouts.



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