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Friday, June 27, 2003

Pardon me while I get political for a minute.

I was just over at the Fox News website, reading about the "Windshield Killer." I guess her testimony has amounted to "I didn't want my parents to find out," "I was on drugs when it happened," "I didn't mean to," and "I didn't know what to do."

I don't know why anybody should be surprised that she would consider such statements an adequate defense. Millions of American women have showed up at abortion clinics with the same reasons.

Fox has a poll up asking people how they thought this woman should be punished for her refusal to call 911 and give her victim a chance to live. When I was there, 86% of the voters said they thought she should get life in prison. 86% are outraged that she should choose her own life over the poor homeless man, one of our society's "unwanted" masses.

I wonder if our society will ever get to the point where 86% of us are outraged that thousands and thousands of women every year choose their own lifes over the children the carry?



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