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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Well, I think it's safe to announce that Little E really is walking for sure now. Her confidence fluxuated all last week, but over the weekend, she really got her "feet" and started toddling to and fro, laughing hysterically every time she reached her destination point. Two nights ago, she mastered changing direction and avoiding objects on the floor (hey, with two kids, a dog and a husband who considers every inch of floor space a legitimate shoe depository, I can't keep up unless they are all asleep). Last night, I noticed she was showing some heel-to-toe action and bending her knees enough to step over objects.

I was going to say her fledgling steps parallel my own as a Catholic. Of late, I've felt much less like I'm stumbling through Mass and more capable of actually doing the "work of the people." That probably sounds strange to any of you cradle Catholics out there, but really, I've had a lot to master at Mass alone. Not to mention the rest of my life. I've just felt like such a klutz, particularly during Eucharist. Since I typically have my hands full (it takes both to carry the baby, since my hand strength is so unreliable), I almost always have to receive the Host directly on my tongue, and I'm always terrified I'll drop it or something. And there have been times the priest has had a similar look of concern on his face. At least, that's how I'm interpretting it. I'm still not 100% comfortable with that, but I'm getting there.

But as far as the baby's steps paralleling my Catholic journey, I have to admit, she's going to surpass me quickly. She'll be running soon, and I won't reach that stage for a long time. Purgatory maybe.



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