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Friday, October 17, 2003

How to Kick a Man When He's Down

My brother-in-law was laid off yesterday. Yeah, same guy whose wife left him.

He is reportedly doing okay with the situation, although I believe he's acknowledged that he will have to sell the house they just bought after all. He's refinished all the floors and redid all the ceilings, and I believe he was about to start on a major kitchen remodel. Maybe he'll just paint now instead.

No other plans for the moment. Your prayers for him and his 3-year-old daughter (who has enough instability in her life without this) are more than welcome. And if anybody knows of somebody who needs a hard-working mechanical engineer who is a nice guy, please let me know. We'd prefer him to stay here in Nebraska, where we can offer typical family-style support, but jobs are scarce and I don't think he has the luxury to be all that picky.

Siiiiiigh. I'm getting tired of these "all we can do is pray" situations.



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