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Monday, October 13, 2003

Various updates for today.

Drought Update

We've had enough rain that we've moved into "first stage drought" for now. Much better than "extreme" or "serious" drought. But we still need continuing moisture all fall and winter to replenish the water table for next year.

Harvest Update

They're bringing in the soybeans these days. My father-in-law's were harvested last week, and he averaged 24 bushels an acre. National average is about 40-42, but my father-in-law notes that his average has been more like 35 in the past five years or so, what with the drought and all. Luckily, the price of beans is up -- over $6 a bushel, last I heard, which is more than a dollar higher than last year. This will help offset the lower yields. Corn is to be harvested in the next week or two.

By the way, a lot of city dwellers never think much about the price per bushel for crops like corn. (Although I have heard some people complain about the price supports that keep the price-per-bushel of certian crops from falling below a certain level.) Corn has been averaging less than $2.50 a bushel for a long time. Now, I don't know how many boxes of cornflakes you can make out of one bushel of corn, but it's a lot. Let's say 50 for the sake of argument -- although that's very likely underestimated. A box of cornflakes is at least $3.50 these days. So if the manufacturer makes 50 boxes from one bushel, that's $175.00 in revenue, from which the manufacterer pays for processing, workers, shipping, utilities, etc.; the grocery store pays for checkers, utilities, etc; and so forth. The farmer's share in the gross profit is only 1.4%. Probably less, since I'm pretty sure my boxes-per-bushel estimate was low.

I always think about this stuff, now that I'm (remotely) part of a farming family.

Brother-in-Law Update

We gathered for our nephew Chase's birthday yesterdays. My brother-in-law and his daughter were there, but his wife wasn't. And no, we didn't expect her. Our understanding is that he has their little girl full-time now, and she only sees her mom for visits. Counseling has produced no changes of attitude yet, but it's still early in the process. We also have been given to believe that my brother-in-law is supporting his wife financially as she lives apart from him, though we don't know if that means she's rooming with somebody or has a place of her own. Some folks in the family are concerned that she's just going to take and take and take from him as long as he's willing and still dump him in the end. But we're not given many details about things, so everything is mostly speculation. He isn't giving up hope yet, and I want to support him in that.

For a guy in his situation, my brother-in-law seems to be holding up really well. He tossed a football around with the kids, and I could tell that he is trying to make things as "normal" and consistant for his daughter as he possibly can, despite the pain, frustration and sorrow that must weigh so heavily on him. You know, he is a really great guy. I hope and pray that his wife will realize this before it's too late...whenever that is. I have no explanation for why she might feel differently about him. Or maybe she does recognize it and feels like she's not worthy. There are so many possible reasons for her current behavior and so few details. Your continuing prayers are welcome.

Norm's Update

Tests on my brother's father-in-law, Norm, came back negative for a stroke. So they are testing him for Lyme Disease and something else (my mom couldn't remember when she called me). He improved tremendously on Friday and over the weekend, to the point where they were all assuming he could go home as early as today. Thursday, he couldn't even remember his own daughter's name. Today, he's chomping at the bit to get back to normal activities. Anyway, thanks for all prayers said on his behalf.

Teething Update

If you've ever had a teething toddler, you don't need the details. If you never have had a teething toddler, you don't want the details. Suffice to say, four regular teeth surfaced in little Edyn's upper gums last week bringing her up to eight on top and two on the bottom. Then she struggled with a lower left molar all weekend. We think it's finally broken through and we are alternately thanking God and praying for strength to help her tackle the next three. Which should arrive momentarily. Siiiiigh. No other way to get them, though. And molars will help her eat a better variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, so I shouldn't complain.

Oh, and thanks to all the comments (below) about praying for our dead loved ones and all the other souls in Purgatory. I had votives lit for my husband's grandmother and his uncle Larry, who both died a year ago last week. I'm going to have a Mass said for my grandma Lillie on the 26th of this month, which was her birthday. I just have to call the parish to find out how that is done.



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