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Thursday, November 27, 2003

It's really late, but I didn't want the day to pass without taking the time to post my thanks. My husband left for Missouri Wednesday and won't be back until tomorrow, so I've been alone with the kids & very little time to dash down to the computer. (He's with his parents and uncle, moving his grandparents back up to Nebraska, ane he'll be driving the big rental truck all day tomorrow so please pray for a safe journey back for all of them.)

I have so many things to be thankful for, I don't know quite where to begin.

I guess the most obvious thing to be grateful for is that we have a God who is so loving and merciful, He sent His Son to us, to walk with us, to teach us, to die for us, and to conquer death and sin for us. A flabbergasting truth, really. It blows me away when I think of it.

I should think of it more often.

I'm exceedingly thankful for the Church, too. The Sacraments, the rich traditions, the order, the history, the enormous catalog of prayers and practices that help folks get through life, day by day. I've believed in Christ for a little more than 14 years now, and I've only been Catholic for 7 months -- I honestly don't know how I managed before having the wealth of Catholicism at my disposal.

I'm incredibly thankful to be married to a man who is everything I can respect, honor, love, share with, serve and commit myself to. Okay, he's not perfect, but who cares if his dirty socks never find their way into the laundry basket when the man himself is honest, hard-working, gifted, godly, devoted to his children, selfless, supportive...better stop or I'll never get to bed.

I'm thankful for my kids. Zooey, the child we thought we'd never have after those years of infertility. The joy he takes in every-day things is a constant reminder to me not to get bogged down in my life duties, but to find something to sing about anyway. Who was it that said "A boy is a noise with dirt on it..."? If you make it, "a perpetually moving noise with dirt on it and a disarming smile," that's Zooey. In a good way of course.

Edyn, our second big surprise. She is turning out to be such a tender and affectionate person, "mothering" her dolls already and offering kisses to a picture of a crying child in one of our story books. I grew up in such a...well, hostile family, I used to worry a lot that I would ever be able to create a loving family. Fortunately, God took care of that for me, and He gave Edyn an extra dose of tenderness that I really need, both as an example of how I can parent and as the much-appreciated comfort she provides throughout my day.

And our next big surprise, as yet un-named and unseen by any of us, except in foggy ultrasound shot. All I know about this baby is that he or she will be another blessing...I'm excited to find out in what ways.

I'm thankful that we have a decent home and one decent vehicle and wholesome food to eat. I'm thankful that we're all adequately clothed and live in a relatively safe community. I'm thankful for the many people who take care of us, from our good friends to my husband's extended family (especially Aunt Jeretta, who hosted the children and I today so that we wouldn't be alone on a holiday) to the Bishop and priests of our Diocese who consistently inspire us to holiness.

I'm thankful to live in a world where miracles still happen, where the constellation Orion springs mightily over my neighbor's house with bow stretched to the ready, where Terri Schiavo is still alive, where there are still generous people out there who try to help the needy, where there is great art and music and literature to be enjoyed.

And in a minute, I'll be thankful for my comfortable bed and cotton sheets, with the soft rhythmic breathing of a toddler beside me and prayers in my heart and on my lips.

Good night.



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