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Monday, November 03, 2003

Outside my window on the cold, drizzly morning today:

Somebody parked a bike next to a lamp post and left their helmet dangling off the handlebars. I'm thinking how uncomfortable it will be for that person to put on a cold, wet helmet and ride a cold, wet bicycle to their next destination.

A man in an expensive-looking black cowboy hat, a long black duster, blue jeans and black cowboy boots came around the corner with a cup of coffee from the bagel shop, got into his white Chevy pick-up and drove away. Couldn't see the plates, but I wonder if he really is a cowboy from the western part of the state of if he's one of the urban variety.

Various people hurrying on foot with umbrellas. Unlike my memories of Chicago and other larger cities, only a handful of the umbrellas are black. Of the two most recently crossing past, one woman had a pink floral umbrella and the other had a violet one with a small yellow, white and blue designe that looked a bit like somebody had pasted postage stamps all over it.

A college student with no hat or umbrella just walked by, carrying a large project board sealed against the rain in a dark green plastic garbage bag. One would think she would be holding the board over her head to stay dry, but she's not -- she's more protective of her project than of herself. I hope she gets a decent grade on it.

All these people. I wonder if anybody ever prays for them? When I look back at my life and all the rough spots, I know it was the prayers of others that helped me. Everybody needs to be prayed for. Some of you were kind enough to offer prayers for my husband these last few days, and I want you to know that I can see your efforts are helping him. Thank you so much. I pray that God will bless each one of you in return...and bless all these people who crossed by my window this morning in the rain.



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