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Monday, January 05, 2004


I'm sure Ashli doesn't read my blog or even know I exist, but I have been praying for her and her baby and the difficulties with this current pregnancy. Morning sickness has been what I would call "relentless nausea" for me these past few weeks, but I'm always conscious of the fact that no matter how icky I feel, Ashli has it worse. I wonder if God would enable me to suffer a bit in return for at least taking the edge off Ashli? Of course, that's not an entirely selfish request. I'm to the point where actually throwing up would feel like a relief after this constant sense that I might at any minute.

Prayers also being offered to Davey's Mommy over at Chirp, who is starting to feel the waves of morning sickness during this sixth (or seventh?) week of pregnancy for her. And always prayers for those of you struggling with primary or secondary infertility, who want so much to conceive.



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