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Friday, March 19, 2004

The Good, the Pretty Good and the Ugly...

Zooey's pink-eye is all gone, so he happily went back to school today. So he's good. Laurel is almost completely gunk-free, so she's pretty good. Edyn, unfortunately, took a turn for the worse yesterday & now is incredibly gunky and irritated in both eyes. Poor little kid. She's actually asking to take naps and go to bed now, so you know she must feel lousy. And she's really tired of us washing out her eyes (with the baby shampoo solution recommended by the doctor). She takes her drops with no problem, so she must recognize that they are helping.

When I took Zooey to school today, the assistant teacher asked what had been wrong with him. I'd been calling him in, so I was surprised she didn't know. Either the office hadn't told the lead teacher, the lead teacher hadn't bothered to check with the office for who had been called in, or the lead teacher hadn't informed her assistants. Isn't that weird? I mean, this is my first school experience as a parent, so I don't know for sure, but it just seems odd that the information wouldn't get passed along. Especially since pink-eye is so contagious.



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