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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Tornado Damage

I don't know if the national news is broadcasting the information or not (usually not), but Nebraska had a series of 11 tornados last night, all here in the southeast corner of the state. The little town of Hallam, just 25 miles south of here, was pretty much obliterated. Initial estimates were that 80% of the buildings suffered damage. I watched one news reel, and every single house on one street was smashed, every single tree either uprooted or snapped off about 10 feet off the ground. One 73-year-old woman died, another person is reported missing, but the officials are still going door-to-door to make sure every person is accounted for, so the number could rise.

Please be in prayer for these folks. Also, if you can send some monetary relief, it would sure be appreciated, since almost the entire town needs to be rebuilt. You can make a donation to the American Red Cross, designating it to "Hallam, Nebraska." I'm going to see about getting together some material goods.



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