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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

You can tell I grew up in rentals...

Last year, we thought we were buying another house & started painting the outside of our current house to sell it. Our realtor suggested a "painfully neutral" color. I picked out a medium tan and my husband overruled me and went with a light tan (because the 16-year-old at the paint store thought the darker tan would be hard to make). So, we started painting the house, and then my morning sickness got real bad so I couldn't help, and then the deal fell through on the house we wanted to buy, and things got busy...

Long story short, only half the house got painted and none of the garage. I used to think anything was better than the ugly yellow our house was when we bought it, but the tan has turned out to be pretty darn ugly, too. I'm sure the realtor was correct in suggesting a neutral color if we were selling, but now we're not selling.

Today, my husband pulled out the paint cans and decided to finish the job. Guess what happens to paint that is left in an unheated garage all winter, freezing and thawing and freezing again?

Yeah, it's ruined. Like 8 gallons of paint, ruined. And right now, we can't afford to replace it, so we are stuck with two sides ugly tan and two sides ugly yellow with various patches of primer.

On the bright side, though, maybe when we can afford more paint, we can switch to the rich mossy green color I wanted in the first place!

As long as you are reading my blog today, would you mind saying a quick prayer for me about an emotional/spiritual tussle I'm having at the moment? Thanks.



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