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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My son, the Kindergartner

Two half-days of Kindergarten under his belt, and Zooey is already acting like a pro. He likes his teachers, his classmates (most of them, anyway) and having a real desk all of his own. He's made some new friends...

Have I mentioned how much I like our parish school? It's really great academically and socially. But I have to say, I was shocked when the Kindergarten teachers (there are two in Zooey's classroom) sent a note home saying that beginning August 30, the children will have a homework assignment to complete every night! The assignments are simple (find something that begins with the letter G, draw a picture of a farm animal, practice making the number 4), and the motivation is, get them used to doing homework right from the start, when it's easiest to learn that education doesn't stop when the final bell rings. DH and I are a bit intimidated, though -- obviously, we went to "slacker" schools! Neither one of us even remembers cracking a book to do homework before high school, save for the occasional diorama or book report.

Zooey, being a "roll with it" kind of kid who loves intellectual challenges, seems to be geared up for the challenge. Somehow, I have the feeling if he stays in this school through 8th grade, he'll have learned more than I did in 12 years of Chicago Public education.

The thing I am most happy about, however, is the emphasis they put on teaching the children how to be Catholic Christians. Daily Mass, daily prayers, grace before & after lunch and snacks, and this constant underlying theme of "love thy neighbor." I'm very impressed with spirituality of the young teens I have met at this school...I really hope my own failings don't undermine the benefits Zooey (and my other kids) could gain from this environment.



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