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Monday, August 23, 2004

My Hearty Congratulations

...To Mama Owl & Daddy Honk! and big brother Davey on the safe arrival of a new baby boy! Many prayers offered for Mama Owl's speedy and thorough recovery, too. I hear the name is still undecided. Dare I suggest "Jonathan," which means "friend of God." And King David's best buddy was Jonathan. But it's probably too common for these folks. Anyway, hip, hip, hooray!

As for my recent AWOL

My computer had to be completely wiped clean & a new operating system installed. And blogging time has been greatly limited as I've tried to reorder my life (more time for prayers, less time for selfish indulgence). Meanwhile, my husband's cousin got married, we've been doing the back-to-school stuff (Zooey's first day of Kindergarden is tomorrow!), the magazine STILL isn't done, and the rest of life has gotten in the way.

Plus, the baby is rolling over both ways now, so she must be watched more carefully lest she roll right across the floor and into Zooey's tiny legos or some other dire choking hazard. "Babyproofing" is really tough when you have older children whom you want to have stimulating toys. Right now, I'm trying to limit the location of the toys that are dangerous for Laurel and just supervise the kids like crazy to prevent catastrophe. It was much easier when Edyn was tiny and Zooey still had only choke-proof stuff.

Back when I can be back...



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