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Sunday, October 24, 2004


To my husband's grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. T, who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today. That's right -- sixty years! Not many people enjoy that privilege. His parents are also celebrating a wedding anniversary today, 39 years.

Sorry to have been quiet, but I haven't had anything remarkable to say. Or at least, nothing remarkable except for one thing, which I cannot post without insulting somebody, so I am refraining in the interests of trying not to be judgemental. My tongue's a little sore from biting, but I'll be fine.

Zooey brought home his first report card on Friday. I was really nervous -- I was always getting low marks in deportment, so I was just praying that Zooey hasn't turned out to be the discipline problem I was. Overall, he's doing "satisfactory" with a couple bright shining "doing well" marks for art, music, p.e. and religion (thank heavens!!!!). His "needs work" marks were all in handwriting. I blame it on the fact that he was writing lefty all the way up till last summer, then decided on his own to switch and work right-handed. Parent-teacher conference is this coming Friday, so we'll discuss that with the teacher then.

Good grief -- report cards, parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings! I really am a mom!!!



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