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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Proud Mommy Moment

I feel like dancing. I feel like turning cartwheels. I want to tell everybody I see on the street and shout it from the rooftop: "My child can read!"

Zooey's been sounding out words for a long, long time, but now he can actually READ. He can sit down with a book, read the words, comprehend the sentence, read aloud with expression and follow the storyline. He's a Real Reader now!

I'm so excited for him. My heart thrills at the idea of how many things he will learn and explore through books. How many stories will speak to his heart! How much fun he'll have! How relaxing it will be for him!

And -- selfish glee -- I'm thinking I might gain a few minutes a day now, not only because I won't always have to read to Zooey (I still will, of course, just not as often), but he can read to his sisters, too. So maybe I can start reading books that I want to read, not just Dr. Seuss, Lucy Cousins and Sandra Boynton.



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