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Monday, March 28, 2005

Thank God for this!

The last bit of nourishment ever to cross Terri Schiavo's lips will be the precious Blood of Christ:

On Easter Sunday, Terri Schiavo received Holy Communion, a single drop of wine on her tongue.

I thank God for that, I really do. It's criminal that we couldn't save her from being executed because she's severely disabled, but at least she received proper Last Rites and one final Communion.

I pray that God will comfort her in her final days and speed her to heaven. I pray that He will comfort her family. I pray that this hideous pro-death attitude that I see EVERYWHERE at alarming rates will be overcome.

And I urge YOU to put your final wishes in writing, sign the document with witnesses and let it be known where it is kept. It's your only hope...and even then, some judge might throw it out as inadmissable evidence, just because somebody thinks you should be dead.



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