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Friday, April 28, 2006

Andrea Clark will live!

Update from Right Wing Blogger includes a note from Andrea's sister. Interesting excerpt:

As you know, I'm a Democrat, but one that is against abortion. I agree with the Republicans on that issue, at least. After this experience, though, I have to tell you: I am in absolute awe of the power that the right to life people generate. I, of course, first posted on Democratic Underground, and I have to give them some credit: they let my post stand against the rules...

But the pro-life people stepped forward and just absolutely ground St. Luke's into submission on this issue. You have, without a doubt, saved my sister's life.

She goes on to marvel that right-to-lifers didn't care that she and her sister are Democrats, not Republicans. Which I think actually says more about Democrats than it does about right-to-lifers. And not necessarily a good thing.

Second excerpt, which is very sobering:

When we protested at St. Luke's last Saturday, the strangers that showed up were people that had had relatives killed at St. Luke's in much the same way that St. Luke's had planned to kill my sister.

And it's not just Texas, folks. It's happening all over the country.

Final excerpt:

Because of the people in the pro-life movement, a light has been shown on the truth, for all of Texans; indeed, for all of the world to see. May God bless you for your works... We are here for you and your cause, as you were here for us in ours.

May God bless Andrea Clark and her family as well.

There is some talk in the comments section over at Right Wing Blog about raising funds and finding a place for Ms. Clark's family to stay in Chicago so they can be near her. Not sure what will come of it...


UPDATE: No move to Illinois after all. More here from Wesley Smith. The hospital has agreed to keep Andrea Clark on her respirator and dialysis until Tuesday, when a new doctor will take over her case. He will give her a through examination at that time and apparently is a pro-life kind of guy. The Illinois facility is, apparently, a nursing home that could not handle the care she needs.


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