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Monday, April 03, 2006

Kill 16 babies in one day -- feel "a sense of accomplishment"

This story on CNN is about a doctor who flies into South Dakota to perform abortions

Quotes that made me sad:

McCreary said she rarely knows much about the women on whom she performs abortions. Her job, she said, is to provide safe procedures. "The only doubt I have is that I want the patient to be really sure that she wants that. That's the only doubt. Other than that, I just feel I am giving good health care."

Oh, good. She barely knows these women, and she actually doubts that the patients really WANT abortion, but she finds a way to shove all that aside so that she can feel like she's giving good health care. For the abortion procedure, not for anything that comes afterward -- emotional or physical -- because she gets on a plane at the end of the day and flies away.

From these public forms, CNN was able to learn a little about the 16 women who were at the clinic to have abortions. Asked why they were having an abortion, six said they "could not afford the child." Seven others checked the box saying "the mother did not desire to have the child."

Come on, you pro-life folks in South Dakota -- you could have helped save six of these babies by helping the moms afford them! Give these women the freedom to have the babies they want!

Seven women just didn't want their babies, and weren't willing to lay down their lives for nine months to give them to somebody who did. How come? Selfishness? Or did they think that NOBODY wants a baby born to somebody else?

I also wonder what the other three forms said. Was it the husband who didn't want them? Was there a health crisis or something. What?

Abortion will only go away when people work together to remove the reasons that women seek abortion. Seriously. Think about what you can do and make it happen. Make it happen before Lent is over, and then keep making it happen throughout the rest of the year. You can donate money. You can donate gently used baby clothes, materinity clothes and gear. If you have a spare room, can you take in a pregnant woman who has nowhere else to go? If you have a business, can you make it a point to offer jobs to women in this situation, including the sacrifice of paying a real living wage? Can you just speak openly and positively about pregnancy and babies when others around you are being negative? Can you pray more? Can you volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center? We've all got to be able to do something!



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