Fonticulus Fides

Friday, August 25, 2006

Plan B Idiocy

I was pretty sure that Plan B would be available over-the-counter and now it is.

But I do find it rather preposterous that proponents are out there saying "It prevents fertilization, it doesn't cause abortion!"

Idiots. Sperm reaches an egg usually in 2-6 hours, depending on the egg's location. How many women are going to take this pill IMMEDIATELY after sex? Indeed, the moniker "Morning-After Pill" implies you can have sex, the condom can break (or maybe you're out of condoms), then you can have your pillow talk and cuddling, go to sleep, and in the morning stop by the pharmacy on your way to work to pick up Plan B and pop it before you've sat down in your cubicle.

By then, the egg is already fertilized and it's not an egg any more. It's another human being with his/her own DNA, possibly the opposite gender, blood type, etc., from you.

So what Plan B does is actually hasten the death of this unique human being by preventing him/her from getting oxygen and nutrients via implantation in his/her mother's womb. And that, friends, is abortion.