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Friday, April 20, 2007

I've been crying a lot lately...

I just ache for the parents of the shooting victims at Va.Tech, and also for the injured and the witnesses who had to see such a horrible, horrible situation. I am also remembering the Columbine families today... I was noticeably pregnant with Zooey back when that happened and it was the first time that I realized what a parent must go through at such a loss.

Speaking of loss, my friend's father, Paul Lovell, passed away last Friday. There was a very nice tribute in the local paper. The timing wasn't what my friend wanted, but she is strong enough in her faith to carry on. She and all her siblings and her mother were at his bedside Friday as he died, just as they were praying the Our Father. Saturday was the party for her youngest child's First Communion; Sunday was First Communion; Monday was the wake and Tuesday was the funeral.

This Sunday is ribbon-cutting for her dad's last work for the Museum of Religious Arts: an outdoor sculpture of Jesus walking on water, featuring a small man-made lake. Mr. Lovell was so excited about that exihibit. May God be with his soul, and may God comfort the whole family who all feel this loss quite acutely.

The other thing I find myself crying about -- with joy, not sadness -- is Zooey's First Holy Communion, which will take place tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. He is on retreat today with his classmates, praying and attending confession and celebrating and making decorations (which I and a few other mothers are to hang in the church tomorrow morning). I feel this thrill in my soul that Zooey will be receiving our Eucharistic Lord at such a young age, and I pray with all my heart that the graces he receives will guide him throughout his life. And I do thank God that Zooey attends daily Mass at Catholic school. I hope his whole life goes better than mine and that he is always as close to Jesus as he is and wants to be right now.

Gotta go blot my eyes again...I can't see what I'm writing...



  • I can relate. Been crying a lot myself this week. Partly because of the Virginia Tech thing & partly because of life itself. The Virginia thing was so incredibly sad. That's so cool about your daughter's first communion. That's a very good reason to be crying happy tears.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 PM  

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