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Friday, March 16, 2007

Everybody's a little Irish tomorrow, right?

Your Leprechaun Name Is:

Sniffles O'Taters
What's Your Leprechaun Name?

This isn't because I'm crying all the time, or because of allergies, or illness....Hmmm, maybe it's because I plan to chop some onion later?

Anyway, things are going all right for us. We said good-bye to the old house on Monday for the last time...signed the papers Tuesday and were very happy to find the new owners are so excited to have our house. My husband is still up in the air on jobs, but we are holding our own financially.

Getting ready for Zooey's First Penance (a week from tomorrow) and First Communion (13 days after Easter). He's growing up and really showing good understanding of the concepts of sin and absolution. I'm really excited for him.

Also, our friends, the H. family, are all coming into the Church at Easter Vigil. Mr. & Mrs. H had an interesting journey, and they will have their six-year-old daughter and (nearly) 3-year-old son baptized as well. I wrote their story for the paper, along with the tales of two others. I'll post it in a minute.

Be well.

Eat bread, drink wine. Learn to sin
the Song of Christ. If you can dance, dance.
Everywhere grace awaits. Desire to love, to love.

--Sister Maura Eichner


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