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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Okay, since I haven't yet been able to get a comments system working, I begged my html-savvy buddy for help & he gave me the code for an auto e-mail link or whatever you call it. It's to the right, there, just underneath the "Blogger" logo. If you click on that, you should get a message box to pop up. I tried it & it worked for me.

I know, it's small consolation compared to comments boxes, but at least it's a bit easier to communicate. And if you would like to use it to offer some suggestions on how I could get a free comments system to work on this blog of mine, I would love that. I've only tried a couple & I couldn't figure out the instructions of one, while I couldn't get the other one to load onto the blog (probably instructions misinterpretation again). I can't afford a service, so it has to be free, and if it makes a difference, I work off a Mac G3. Thanks!



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