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Friday, September 05, 2003

Just got back from the doctor's office -- had a good prenatal check-up. The baby's heart sound strong, my blood pressure was good. Everything seems to be progressing nicely. I'm not anemic any more, either, thanks to being able to eat meat again. Well, only well-done beef, but heck, that's better than trying to make up the difference in refritos. Maybe we'll get to poultry in a month or so. No worries about the CPC for now -- another ultrasound will be scheduled for the last week of September, and I'll just leave it to God for now. I am still praying, but not only for myself -- for all expecting moms who are facing uncertainty and/or difficult diagnosis.

When I picked Zooey up from St. Mary's preschool this morning, he was all excited because two third-graders had visited their classroom to tell them all about the coming celebration for the Holy Mother's birthday on Monday. "I get to go to Mary's birthday party!" Zooey shouted with glee.

Quick -- somebody tell this haven't-been-Catholic-long-enough mom what sorts of traditions, etc. are observed for this special day? Any particular meals, decorations, etc.? I want so much to build a "Catholic Culture" into our home ... just don't really know how at this point.



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