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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Answered Prayers (or at least, the beginning of answers...)

We got a trace of rain yesterday and the potential for more the next few days. Although the brilliant blue sky outside doesn't suggest such a thing. But thanks be to God for what we have received so far, and please, Lord, send some more.

Even better...I noted Monday that my husband's last correspondence from his biological mother indicated that she was not doing very well, and that I was praying for God to help her, soon. Well, a birthday card for him arrived in the mail yesterday, and it was simple and nice. It made me hope that she possibly has turned the corner and might actually be doing a little better with everything. He's thinking about dropping her a line in return, just to say thanks and he's sorry that things haven't been better between them. So if you would, please say a prayer for both of them.

Adoption reunions are really tough, especially in a closed adoption such as my husband's. I don't think either he or Linda could possibly have prepared themselves for the volatility that ensued. Or the difference in their purpose for the reunion, even though they talked about that extensively in written correspondence and on the phone before they met face-to-face. It's one thing for a person to guess how they will feel or what they want from a relationship before it's quite another when the relationship becomes a reality.

Phone is ringing, so I have to go...



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