Fonticulus Fides

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Because of the current impression that I'm having another girl, and because of my husband's original idea that if we had another baby, we should name him after John the Baptist, I am working on girl names that are derived from John somehow.

I'm not having much luck. My search for girl names that mean "gift from God" (like John) came up with the usual Jean, Jane, Joan and Joanna, along with (don't laugh) Godiva, Mattia, Shawna and Vanna, and a few I can't pronounce. Searched for "baptize" or "baptizer" but came up with nothing. Anybody have any brilliant ideas out there?

It's never been easy for us to settle on an exact name for our kids before birth -- we typically take a list with us and decide after meeting the baby face to face -- but intentionally trying to work a Saint's name into it is proving to be a challenge.



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