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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Ides of March, Nothing -- Beware Friday-After-Thanksgiving Sales!

Here's another reason I don't shop at Walmart. It attracts the worst elements of our society. In this particular case, a woman first in line for cheap DVDs at the Walmart's annual Friday-After-Thanksgiving "Doorbuster" sale was trampled, knocked unconscious and suffered a seizure. Most people simply stepped over or on her so that they could collect the coveted $29 piece of junk and keep on shopping. In fact the EMTs who showed up to rescue this woman found her lying unconsious on the floor while shoppers milled around her, seemingly oblivious to her injuries. Doesn't that just reek of Christmas spirit?

As for Walmart, that "caring" mass retailer, they have offered to put a DVD player on hold for the victim. Can't even fork a $29 item over for free to a loyal customer who was trampled in their store due to, apparently, a lack of security and order. Even though the item itself probably only cost WalMart $10-$15. Yeah, THAT's the kind of corporation I want to give our hard-earned dollars to.



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