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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Okay, I knew that the Von Trapp family commemorated in the musical The Sound of Music were real people with a real story to tell, but I never read any history of them.

Today, I stumbled upon Maria Von Trapp's writings on celebrating the Liturgical Year, and there is some great stuff in there!

Here's an excerpt:

This atmosphere of "hurry up, let's go" does not provide the
necessary leisure in which to anticipate and celebrate a feast. But as
soon as people stop celebrating they really do not live any more -- they are being lived, as it were. The alarming question arises: what is being done with all the time that is constantly being saved? We invent more machines and more gadgets, which will relieve us more and more from the work formerly done by our hands, our feet, our brain, and which will carry us in feverishly increasing speed -- where? Perhaps to the moon and other planets, but more probably to our final destruction.

Only the Church throws light onto the gloomy prospects of modern
man--Holy Mother Church--for she belongs, herself, to a realm that has its past and present in Time, but its future in the World Without End.

I wonder if I can find this in book form? Can't hang out on the net all day, reading Maria Von Trapp...



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