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Friday, February 27, 2004

Prayers for Zooey, please...

Zooey is running a stubborn fever and threw up once yesterday. He's also complaining of headache and body aches.

The fever persists. We only dose when it's 102 degrees F or higher, and he's had one does of Tylenol and two of Motrin so far. Won't eat and is pretty resistant to fluids, so my main concern is keeping him from being dehydrated. I'm going to run out and get some popsicles this a.m. -- maybe that will help.

Also please pray that Laurel doesn't come down with it. I think I can handle Edyn being ill, but Laurel is only 7 weeks old and had enough of a rough start that I worry about her strength. Even with nursing.

Thanks. I'll be back when I can...



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