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Monday, February 09, 2004

Thanks for all the prayers & encouraging words...

I'm still struggling a bit with how to phrase my feelings on my aunt & uncle's deaths. I called our parish priest today to bounce the situation off him. He agrees that I have an obligation to speak the truth about things when my mom starts in with how heroic and romantic it was -- okay, I just have to say how anybody can look at a murder/suicide and think it's romantic is beyond me. Especially when the murder victim was her own sister.

Now it's just a matter of figuring out what to say without coming off like a religious freak. There's one thing that was easier when we were evangelical charismatic protestants. Everybody expected us to say freaky extremist things.

All I want to do this time is say what God would want me to say in the way He wants me to say it. Suggestions from you folks would be more than welcome. At this point, I've got: "I just feel so bad that Uncle Bob got to the point where he couldn't trust God any more and felt like he must take things into his own hands."

Part of me thinks that sounds waaaay too judgemental. The other part of me thinks I'm soft-pedalling it. Fr. Witt said, "Call it murder -- that's what it was." But I'm afraid to.




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