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Friday, March 26, 2004

On Staying Married...

Incredibly wise words on the subject of successful marriage over at Alicia's. Thanks, Alicia!

And more wisdom from Catholic psychotherapist Gregory Popcak at Heart, Mind and Strength. Among other things, he writes, "Yes, when someone we admire is struck by sin or scandal, we panic. We feel vulnerable. And for good reason. Their stumble reminds us that we can all fall. Good. Don't ever forget it. Channel that fear and vulnerability into doing whatever it takes to make your marriage the strongest relationship it could be."

Mr. Popcak also chides us for "clucking about them" and indicates that he believes it's sinful to "spread the scandal."

I guess that wasn't my intention by posting about them on my blog. When I heard of the situation, knowing how much pain my brother-in-law is from his wife suddenly leaving him, I e-mailed Bai just to tell her I'd be praying for her and her marriage. She asked me to post a prayer request and more information on my blog, so I did. And any other information or links I put up were intended to encourage prayer for the McFarlanes.

I think there's a difference between gossip and what has been going on in St. Blog's regarding this situation. Gossip is spreading information (real, false or a mixture) that would embarrass or humiliate the parties, for the purpose of being judgemental, self-righteous, etc. But that's not what I've seen in St. Blog's this past week. What I have seen is people recognizing that a brother/sister is in a dire situation and expressing concern, wonder, etc. And rousing up the troops to pray because prayer is the best thing anybody can do for these folks right now.



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