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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Spring Cleaning...

I've been long overdue in updating my blogroll, but found a few minutes to freshen it up this noon. I added a few blogs I go to just about daily, including the Summa Mamas (sorry it's taken so long, ladies!) and several other must-reads.

The convert blog section is gone -- Meet Joe Convert is down in the "More Great Thoughts" section. Sean from Swimming the Tiber has closed down his blog while he goes off to become a monk (go Sean!!) Mysterium has been inactive for almost a year, and I haven't had time to stay with Kathy on Not for Sheep, so I retired those links for now. Lisa from Heroic Moments must be too busy with her small ones to have blogged for almost six months, so I set that link aside, too. But I'm stubbornly hanging on to Chirp and Gospel M*I*N*E*F*I*E*L*D in the hopes those ladies will someday honor us with active blogs again.

Now to get to work on my house before the dust bunnies dinasours take over...



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