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Monday, March 22, 2004

Beautiful Baby Blues Again!

Dare I say it? All the kids have their beautiful clear eyes again. It's so wonderful to see them without ooze covering their tear ducts. And I think we managed to keep from infecting anybody else.

Had to give up our circus tickets, though. We didn't mind so much. It was the annual Shrine Circus -- my husband's grandfather is a Shriner and buys us tickets every year. And then when we go, Grandma waits for us out front and takes us back to the money-counting room where Grandpa leaves his duties for the moment and shows off his great-grandchildren to the fellas. Then we usually just stay for the first half of the show, because our kids are so little. Edyn actually cried through it last year, because a clown scared her straight away and she was too nervous to settle down afterwards. So I stayed in the hall with her and I think we left even before intermission began.

The dicey part is, of course, because Catholics aren't supposed to join or contribute to secret societies like the Freemasons & Shriners. Of course, no money of ours goes to them -- Grandpa buys the tickets. But it still feels weird.

Actually, our local Catholic schools get free passes for all the children. One was sent home with Zooey this year. Our sponsors once wrote the local Diocese newspaper to find out if it was okay to go to the Shrine Circus if somebody was Catholic, and the vague answer they printed was something like, "Don't go if you feel guilty, and if you do go, remember that the Shriners do give free medical care to needy children."



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