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Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fool's Day

Zooey has discovered the joys of this silly holiday. All morning, it has been, "Mom, there's a spider on your head!" When I oblige with a faux-frantic, "Get it off me!" He grins and says, "April Fool!"

He and Edyn are playing at a friend's house this afternoon, and we're bringing the treats. I was tempted to make this foolish recipe. Years ago, when I was working at an insurance company, our department secretary brought one of these in, and boy is it realistic! But I didn't have time to pull off such a feat. Instead, we made Dirt Pudding -- totally unhealthy, but for little kids who haven't given up sweets for Lent, it sure is a lot of fun. Dirt Pudding is simply a parfait made of crushed chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding, with a gummy worm poking out for a little extra "ewwwww!" factor.

Zooey can't wait to hand a "cup of dirt" to his buddy Jacob!



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