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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Damage Update

The initial estimates were low. Now they are saying that 95% of the homes and businesses in Hallam were completely destroyed and all of the remaining 5% suffered damage. Every single citizen has had to be relocated -- I think it's 260-some people. The video they are showing on the news is just so devastating. Entire blocks wiped out. From the outskirts of town, Hallam just looks like a pile of matchsticks.

Other folks in the surrounding areas also lost homes and other property. A nearby high school is probably a total loss -- luckily, classes ended on Friday for the summer. Not sure what they will do come fall. They certainly can't build an entire high school in three months.

They interviewed a farmer from Holland, Nebraska, who was born in his family homestead 73 years ago and has lived there ever since. He saw the funnel cloud coming and dashed to the basement. Just as he hit the bottom step, his entire house was lifted away from him. All his farm buildings and equipment were destroyed, too. He could hardly speak of it, so profound was his loss. And then his eyes brightened and he said, "But we made it to church this morning. God has been good to us. We can't complain."

I need faith like that.



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