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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Birthday to Edyn!

Here it is, her second birthday already. I can hardly believe it's been a full two years. And I can hardly believe it's been only two years, because I simply can't imagine how things were before Edyn was born.

I am so blessed to have this child, who is naturally inclined to mother all the rest of us. That's a two-edged sword, of course -- utterly empathetic and compassionate on one side, and a bit bossy on the other. Well, I guess we'll just have to teach her how to manage these traits for the greater good.

Edyn needs a hair cut. The whispy ends of each strand fall down to her shoulders and curl up a bit. That's why I haven't had them cut -- I know all the curls will disappear with the first trim. The bangs we had cut at Christmas time (and didn't like) have grown out long enough to be swept aside, but not yet long enough to work into pigtails. Here eyes are still a startling blue...I really hope she'll keep them, but if the rest of the family's track record holds up, they will start changing this year.

I have had several people say something along the lines of "Uh oh, you're in the terrible twos again!" I laugh them off. When I was a new mom, somebody told me that the terrible twos really start at about 18 months and last about 18 years, ha ha ha! Little E does show some of that desperate need for autonomy.

"Do it myself!"

"My turn!"

"Me too!"

She's got the perils of being a middle child, too. Sometimes she wants to be a big girl equal to Zooey. Other times, she wants to be a baby like Laurel. And whatever she wants changes on a dime. At Mass two Sundays ago, Zooey started trekking up to the front to put his offering money in Fr. W's basket (so nice of Fr. W. to let the kids get a bit of exercise in the middle of Mass!). Edyn shouted, "Me too, me too!" and pretty much leapt off my husband's lap and ran after her big brother. Then when she came back to our pew, she shouted "I did it! I did it!" (Yes, we shushed her properly. ) Then she snatched a toy that Laurel was chewing on and stuck it in her own mouth.

My husband's off work today, so it's chicken on the grill, corn and watermelon for supper tonight, followed by an ice cream cake with two candles for Edyn. Siiiiiigh...time goes by way too quickly.



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