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Monday, November 22, 2004

Theology for Two-Year-Olds

My little Edyn likes to “play church” from time to time, which basically consists of her sitting on the couch with a book open on her lap, then standing up and singing, “Holy, holy, holy!” before sitting down again. Sometimes she’ll even whap herself on the forehead and say “Fadder…Spirit…Amen!!”

It’s cute, but it’s not like she’s a particularly holy kid or something. My husband always says prayers with the children before they go to sleep at night, and he knelt beside her at bedtime last Friday and started, “Our Father…” Edyn said, “No, Dad! No! May-ee!” Naturally, he figured she meant she wanted to pray the Hail Mary instead. So he starts that prayer, only to be stopped again. “NO, Dad. May-ZEE.”

As in Maisy Mouse. Her current favorite literary character. So we had to explain to her that you can’t pray to imaginary creatures. I don’t know if she got it or not.

I do know that we’ve watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” one too many times. Because yesterday in Mass, when the priest said, “...with thanksgiving...” Edyn pantomimed a plate full of toast and popcorn and started making noisy chomping sounds.

Siiiiiigh. Well, she’s only two. We’ll get her straightened out eventually.



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