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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

As long as we're on the pro-life subject...

You might want to pop over to After Abortion for Emily's 4/25/05 take on what I would call a pea-brained attempt by two abortionists to make abortion more palatable to the women who are victimized by it.

The comments on Emily's essay take an interesting tagent regarding a common pro-life problem: they fail to recognize the fact that MOST women who seek abortions really are victims. Either they are being coerced into abortion by the baby's father, their parents, their circumstances (perceived or otherwise), or they have simply been bamboozled all their lives into believing that abortion is not murder, not a sin. There are really very few pregnant women who walk into an abortion clinic saying, "There's a baby in me and I want you to kill it" in a premeditated murder kind of way.

If you have trouble understanding the plight of these women who seek abortions, I recommend a book by Frederica Matthews-Greene called Real Choices. (If you ever get to hear her speak, please do so. You won't regret it!)



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