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Friday, April 22, 2005

Protecting our children

While I appreciate the intent of this proposed legislation, I honestly don't think it does enough to protect children from sexual abusers. Why not fit them all with those nifty ankle bracelets, such as Martha Stewart is wearing? We've got, what 180,000 registered sex offenders roaming this country -- why not fit them with an ankle bracelet so we know where they are all the time? Rather than taking a chance that one of them will become transient and attack another child, I mean. I understand there is considerable expense in getting another 200,000 of those ankle bracelets, but I believe they would work in three ways: (1) they will prevent convicted pedophiles from "disappearing" like they do now, which the proposed letter-campaign can't do, (2) they will make the pedophiles feel like they are being constantly watched, and most will not strike if they are being watched, and (3) they would be a visual signal to parents and children.

What do you think? Would it help prevent repeat attacks?



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