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Monday, May 09, 2005

Belated good wishes to all the Mommies out there!

Mother's Day was...interesting, anyway, at our house. Edyn (age 2.5) has a new trick: if she feels like she's being ignored, she runs up to the bathroom and pees...on the floor. Nothing like a big ol' puddle to get Mommy's full attention. Lola and my husband had a squabble over her shoes that resulted in about an hour and a half of constant crying. Zooey flew under the radar and I didn't even notice until dinner time that he was wearing shorts that he'd outgrown at least two summers ago! The dog ate some corncobs and half a rabbit and wound up with a stomach ache. But Mass was great and Lola cooperated enough for me to be able to stay in the Sanctuary for most of it. Then we went out to the farm to celebrate with my husband's mom, grandmother, aunts and most of the rest of the clan. The kids and the dog got lots of fresh air and exercise. And then we hurried back to town so I could go to the Hispanic parish to do some interviews and take photos for the story I was assigned this week.

The freelance checks are late (as usual), so no new washing machine yet. But Saint Clare and Saint Agnes of Prague are still watching my back, and the old washer is still stumbling along. I've been filling my soup kettle with hot water from the kitchen tap and lugging it downstairs to dump into the washer so I can do towels, sheets and undies in mostly warm water and that's working out. Think of all the extra exercise I'm getting!

Speaking of which, I've got towels to wash and more interviews to set up for my next assignment.



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