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Friday, July 08, 2005

Another prayer request

My friend Christi (we gave our youngest the middle name Christine after her) is going through brain surgery as I write this.

She's had a tumor for over 2 years, which they think is benign. It has neither grown nor moved since discovered. However, it causes her severe headaches that leave her debilitated for days at a time, and no other treatment has sufficed.

She is a beautiful woman (inside and out), and it is ugly surgery. There is potential that she will never look the same again. There is also potential of a stroke or other complications, of course. Please pray for complete healing without complications!


P.S. I hope to be back more next week. I re-injured by right wrist 6/24 and typing is painful. But I'm getting better, so I should be able to communicate more soon.

UPDATE: Christi's surgery went fine. The tumor came away much easier than expected, so her surgical ordeal was not the expected 3.5 hours, but only 1.5 hours. She is still unconscious, and her family is waiting at hospital for her to awaken.

Thanks for praying!


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