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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting back into the blogging habit

Picked this up from M’Lynn:

What I was doing 10 years ago… We were working to get my husband’s band on the road. We were scrimping money to buy road-worthy gear for him. I was probably designing t-shirts, they were writing songs. I had given up freelancing and was working at an agency full-time again and editing the annual magazine.

Five years ago… I was getting ready for Zooey’s first birthday party. We had just rescued our dog from the Humane Society on 7/12 (she was on “death row,” scheduled to be put down that night). Also working on the magazine!

One year ago… Let’s see…we were recovering from Edyn’s second birthday party, planning Zooey’s pirate party, bouncing baby Lola on our knees, and I was working on the magazine.

Yesterday… Received another article for this year’s magazine to edit, plus two story assignments from the local Catholic paper, worked on Edyn’s thank-you notes (still not in the mail…I forgot to buy stamps!), took Edyn and Lola in for well-baby check-ups (Edyn’s weight has finally stabilized and she’s actually on the charts; Lola is off the charts but above weight, not below, and she’s actually slimming down so no worries), a trip to the grocery story, and all the usual laundry, dishes, cleaning, reading books to the kids, and other mommy stuff.

5 snacks I enjoy
Chocolate-covered strawberries
Triscuit snack crackers
Chocolate chip granola bars
Yoplait Whips yogurt (new Chocolate-Raspberry flavor is scrumptious!!!)
Ice cream

5 songs I know all the words to:
Happy Birthday
Beautiful Scandalous Night (The Choir) – it’s about the Lord’s crucifixion
Silent Night (and scads of other Christmas songs)
Yankee Doodle (and scads of other kids’ songs)
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (from the movie “Bringing Up Baby” – used to sing it to Edyn when she was a baby)

5 things I would do with a million dollars
Get us out of debt
Set up educational funds for my kids
Give a lot of money to crisis pregnancy centers, Catholic Social Services and our parish school
Establish a retirement fund for my husband and I
Get braces for my teeth.
(In that order)
5 locations I’d like to run away to:
Northern Wisconsin
Vermont (I think – never been there)
Prince Edward Island, Canada (maybe…)

5 bad habits I have
Sloppiness (I let stuff pile up)

5 things I like doing
Talking to people
Getting a great deal at a thrift store

5 things I will never wear
Stiletto heels
Nose ring
Very long, shellacked fingernails

5 TV shows I like
“Everyday Food”
“Antiques Roadshow”
Used to like “Joan of Arcadia” but they cancelled it just when it was getting interesting
“I Love Lucy”
Uhhhh….I can’t think of anything else. Perils of having only 20 stations (which ought to be more than enough, but TV is such crap any more.

5 biggest joys of the moment
My husband
My kids
Being Catholic
Knowing that my friend is recovering so well from her brain surgery
Writing for the Catholic paper

5 favorite toys
The G4 iMac laptop I have on loan
The great swing-set we just got (used) that the kids adore
Uhhh….blanking again. Sorry.

If you’re reading this and having answered, consider yourself tagged! (Use the comments box if you don’t have a blog of your own…



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