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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The dog is okay...

We couldn't find any scratches or bites anywhere on her.

The identity of the animal she sent to an early grave remains up in the air. Somebody else at Animal Control thought it was a mink! Waaaaay back when I was in college in Iowa, I remember there being a mink farm there. I think because it was so far away from the coasts, they hoped to be ignored by P.E.T.A. I wonder if they just went under at some point and just let all the mink go?

Well, regardless, I heard another local report of a weasel, so maybe it is a weasel. Animal Control doesn't think it was rabid, but they are sending it for a test anyway -- maybe whomever tests it will be able to identify it. Hmmm...or maybe I should call the children's zoo. They have lots of animals like that, and we only live about 7 blocks away...



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