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Friday, August 12, 2005

Tuning in on World Youth Day

You might think, "I'm not a youth, so why should I care?" You should care because the future of the Church belongs to the youth. I have met a number of wonderful priests who came to their vocations after attending World Youth Day in Denver, Colo. (1992) and hearing Pope John Paul II speak.

As Fr. Peter Mitchell paraphrased during my interview with him last month:

“Basically, he said, ‘Young people, the future of the Church belongs to you. If the future priests and sisters of the Church are not here, where are they?’”

This statement is what made Fr. Mitchell realize that he had to go to seminary. Somewhere else in the crowd was a young college professor named Brendan Kelly. He'd been resisting the call to priesthood for some time -- he was too old, he was too busy, he wasn't cut out for it. Until the great Pope spoke those words. They cut him to the quick. He tried to shake it off for years afterward, but couldn't. When I interviewed him in June, he quoted the exact same words from John Paul II.

Imagine what will happen this year. Imagine who will be inspired to see the vocation that God has laid out for them!

So yes, World Youth Day does concern you. You should pray for all the youth. You should pray for the many religious who are going there to serve as spiritual directors and in so many other capacities. And of course, pray for the speakers, including the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Jeff over at Quo Vadem Ed Ad Quid is making it easy on us by collectiing a series of links on World Youth Day. Thanks, Jeff!

Here is EWTN's schedule of coverage. (You can see another photo of Fr. Mitchell there -- I also took this one, in the chapel just outside Assumption Parish church in Dwight.)




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