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Monday, August 01, 2005

Update on Baby Kaylie

A mutual friend happened to be in Omaha over the weekend, and stopped in quickly to see our friends G. & K. (Kaylie's parents). They took her in to see the baby, who is reportedly "just darling" in all ways, though still hooked up to so many machines. The second surgery went well, but they have left her chest open (sealed over with some sort of plastic) in case they have to go back in. Turn out that besides the two-chamber heart and missing kidney, there was something wrong with Kaylie's placenta, so she wasn't getting enough nutrients, either. I understand that she's consuming her mother's milk, though, and that's great -- that's got to help.

Kaylie's a fighter, to be sure, but her saturation levels "are all over the place." It's still touch-and-go. Our mutual friend said Kaylie's only got a four out of ten chance of surviving at this point.

So please, please, please keep praying for little Kaylie, and her parents G. & K. and her almost-three-year-old sister who has been to visit but has been staying with relatives mostly since Kaylie was born.



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