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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Sixth Bad Habit: Politics!

Sorry, I can't help it. I am immensely interested in how a new Supreme Court Justice will affect this country.

Pop on over to Catholic News Service to read more about nominee John Roberts. His wife, Jane, is a lawyer, too, and since she is active in the wonderful organization Feminists For Life, I'll forgive her for dressing their son in short pants and saddle shoes in front of the National Media. Must be a southern thing, because I haven't let my son wear short pants on dressy occasions (not Mass, not weddings, not anything) since he was a year old. I shouldn't complain, though. The little guy apparently was not inhibited by his outfit, judging from that happy dance he was doing.

Hat tip to Amy Welborn at Open Book. I'm hoping for a chance to interview Amy for a story when she comes to Nebraska in November! Of course, she doesn't know I'm alive, and she's only doing a private speaking engagement with our new Legatus chapter, but they kind of owe me a favor. Do you think writing about them for our Catholic paper is favor enough to score a pair of tickets to Amy's speech? I promise my husband and I won't eat. We'll even dress like waiters if it will make the Legatus mucky mucks feel better.

It would still be great to meet Amy Welborn. I'm dying to ask her how she manages to be a mom and a prolific author at the same time. I want to do that, too.



  • Uh oh -- my 3yo wears saddle shoes all the time. He only has one pair of shoes. They're kind of sneakers. But since he is getting older I guess we should shell out for some church shoes -- I didn't know the saddle aspect was problematic though.

    And the 11-month-old just started taking steps so I guess it'll be shoe time for him. 3yo has been wearing saddle shoes since the first pair after he began walking.

    By Anonymous ro, at 10:15 PM  

  • Oh, Mama Owl, it was the short pants that really turned my head. They appear casual in my mind -- of course, I live in the Plains. Farmers only just started wearing shorts out in the field during the hottest months of the summer. Really -- just in the past few years!

    I would never wear shorts any place I expected to look nice or to be taken seriously. So that was the thing.

    The saddle shoes seemed quaint to me, but again, where I live we're a bit behind the times on fashions. I haven't seen any saddle shoes for children in the shops here. If they sell them in places that are more fashion-conscious, I accept them to be on the leading edge, rather than behind the times.

    Oh, as far as church shoes, I don't know your opinion on this, but in our family, we're comfortable buying church shoes at consignment shops. Wouldn't do it for every-day shoes, but church shoes are often worn for so little time, they are practically new. Zooey's last pair cost me $5, but they were probably $35-$40 shoes when new and they had virtually no visible wear on them at all.

    By Blogger Sparki, at 10:36 AM  

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