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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Finally, chocolate yogurt that is actually GOOD

I don't get paid for messages like this, but I'm happy to pass on information to my friends. When you want a tastey treat that's actually good for you (well, a little), try the new Yoplait® Chocolate Mousse Whips®. They have a little too much sugar in them (23 g) but ony 160 calories, so it's a legitimate snack. And there's 2.5 g of saturated fat, which isn't the best, but if you are going to indulge yourself, getting 10% of the daily recommended amount of vitamins A & D, calcium and phosphorus, plus a bit of acidophilus, offsets the decandance a little bit. Can't get all that out of a Hershey bar.

I prefer the chocolate raspberry flavor, because the raspberry flavor naturally masks the tang of yogurt. Of course, I usually prefer chocolate and raspberry together in whatever form they take, so it might just be me.

Yoplait is running it's "Save Lids to Save Lives" campaign, which is admirable in some ways. Unfortunately, all the money they donate to breast cancer research goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which, for some strange reason siphons off a portion of their donations and forwards them on to Planned Parenthood.

Call me crazy, but I prefer the money I give to charity to stay with the charity to which I've given it.

I don't understand the hand-off (particularly to an abortion-based organization, when there is evidence -- though many say not definitive evidence -- that any early end to a pregnancy can increase the odds of breast cancer). There are other ways to help in the fight with breast cancer which are not tied to Planned Parenthood, so I find that I must throw the Yoplait lids away and do that instead.



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