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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have to interview the Bishop tomorrow. I'm completely unprepared on the etiquette! How do I address him? "Your excellency?" Or is that just for Archbishops? Do I put forth my hand to shake his or wait for his lead? Do I wait to sit until he has taken a seat? Do I just say good-bye at the end of the interview or ask for a blessing or ---- ???

I've inteviewed a lot of priests and sisters and most of them end the conversation with "God Bless You" but not anything terribly formal.

I've only met the Bishop once before, and that was during RCIA, at the Rite for candidates. I did shake his hand then, but we were all going forward to shake hands with him in a line. This is different.

Somebody help me learn what to do!!!! Quick!


UPDATE: REPRIEVE TILL FRIDAY -- Interview moved to Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. My Google search has told me to call the Bishop "Your Excellency" (or "Your Grace," which I like better because it's easier to say and I'll be nervous) and kissing his ring is not only optional, it's practically archaic in the U.S.

Still nervous. If you've got pointers, let me hear from you.


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