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Monday, August 29, 2005

Back from the funeral...

Funerals, I think, are supposed to bring closure. They are a celebration of the person's life, and prayers to speed that person along to Heaven. They are hymns of faith that the Lord saves and will save us. They give us a chance to reflect, to be thankful to God for giving us this person to begin with, to encourage us in our walk of faith so that we can be with Jesus in Heaven too, someday.

But for a mother who has lost her precious six-week-old daughter, this is wound that no funeral service can close.

Please keep Kaylie's mom in your prayers. She is undertandably heartbroken. Here she is, her body still recovering from childbirth, and she has no baby to cuddle, to nurse, to gaze upon with the oceans of motherly love to vast to fathom. I could tell that she had done Kaylie's hair one last time as her poor little body lay in its miniscule coffin -- the satin bow that matched her white satin and lace gown was over the left side of her forehead just so, and little tufts of baby's breath were nestled in the curls of her hair. A mother's parting a time no mother should have to part from her baby.

There are no words comforting enough for her. Not yet anyway. Pray that the Blessed Mother, who suffered herself in losing her only Son, will be close to Kaylie's mom and hold her up when her own faith in God falters.

And pray for Kaylie's dad. I can see he is trying to be the rock for his wife. But he needs time to grieve as well. Time to be the one who falls apart, if that's what it takes.

Pray for Kaylie's big sister, not quite three, who understands only a little of all of this. She climbed on her daddy's lap during the funeral and gave him a hug to make him feel better. She'll have questions as she grows up. She'll want another little brother or sister someday, and she might not understand her parents' apprehension.

How tragically hope is overshadowed by grief when one has lost a child!



  • my god daughter died at the age of 4 weeks - SIDS - thankfully her mom had insisted on an early baptism. No reason to suspect a problem, she was 10 lbs at birth and very healthy seeming, a good nurser. She would be 24 now had she lived. Margaret Mary. I had been looking forward to being the indulgent godmother, sewing her First Communion dress, and so on.
    The biggest losses when you lose a child don't come all at once - they creep in at surprising times, when you look at a child of the same age and wonder.
    I will hope and pray that Kaylie's family will find peace and that God will work good out of this tragedy.

    By Blogger alicia, at 8:53 PM  

  • That is so sad I can hardly stand to think about it. :(

    By Anonymous ro, at 4:50 PM  

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